Why Reviews and Testimonials Are Important

A review or testimonial is a recorded or written statement by a past user to support the credibility of a product of service. It helps to strengthen the reputation of your business by increasing the trust that people have on your product or service. A company can take advantage of testimonials and reviews to reach out to the deepest interest of intending clients who may likely purchase your products or services shortly.

Reasons Why Reviews and Testimonials Are Important To Your Business:

Helps To Build Trust And Credibility With Proof

You as the business or product owner or creator may have 100% believe in the effectiveness of your products and services you offer, but your intending customers may still be skeptical.

They may have questions like: “Is this product worth the amount?”, “Does this product work as you say it does?”, “Have other persons or businesses used your products before now?”.

It is natural for buyers to want to know how trustworthy or credible your business is before they key in to make their purchase.  A review or testimonial helps to satisfy customers’ questions and clarify other objections they may have in their minds of your business or products. It clears their doubts when they know that other people have made use of your products and services and are happy with it.

This is also called Social Proof and is known to be one of the most powerful tools a product owner can use to convince intending buyers to buy his products. That is why most salespeople make use of messages like these to influence potential buyers;  ‘join over 1000 others who have treated and tested this product’, ‘9 out of 10 people agree that’, famous people that have used and trusted the product.’

Persuade the Mind with Emotion

Besides the fact that reviews and testimonials are tools to market your products or services, you can also use it as an opportunity to connect generally to the emotions of your audience. Recent neurological studies have confirmed people rely largely on their emotions and not logic when it comes to making a major decision. Douglas Van Praet who is the author of ‘Unconscious Branding’ has this to say about emotions ‘We feel our way to reason.’ Thus, businesses and brands that connect with prospective customers on an emotional level are more likely to convince them to buy.

So, whether it is excitement, tears or laughter, your audience is likely to remember your product, not the business of your products but the business of how you made them feel. People tend to buy more when they feel good.

You Get To Capture the Attention of Your Prospective Buyers

Reviews and testimonials are usually characterized by stories, generally of a character (buyer) that has an issue or problem (a conflict) and finally finds a solution by using your product or service. You need to understand that story is a language that is understood universally by human beings. This is why reviews and testimonials are used as a medium to connect with your prospective buyers emotions.