What are the Different Public Relations Tactics? – Part 2

When public relations companies start their integrated campaigns, they use a variety of tactics to achieve results. And as we have already seen these can include things like press releases, events, and partnerships and now we delve into even more.

Pop-Up Shops

Pop up shops are a really effective way to gain extra media coverage. They utilize cheap retail space and can give great exposure. The pop-up shops need to have a unified message to tell, one that grabs public interest and creates a buzz.

Press Conferences

Press conferences are a proven and tried method of telling the public and media your story. Rather than contacting individual journalists, a press conference gathers a group of newsmen together on your turf. Press conferences also have a certain authority and are highly respected by other news media. You should have a simple message to deliver, just one piece of information that the media can relay easily to the target audience. Press conferences should also give the journalists something to benefit them, it has to be genuine news that can be of great use to them.


PR companies can benefit from being an authority on the business of their clients. This is done by doing in-depth research into what their client’s business and market is all about, including competitors. This information when gathered together can be of real benefit to journalists as it saves them the trouble of doing it. A PR company can get real kudos by releasing important information about a subject and distributing it for free. It elevates the client’s position to one of authority and as an educated independent voice.

PR Campaigns

PR Campaign can take all sorts of directions, from viral video sensations to leveraging partnerships. A campaign should reflect what business your client is in and what target audience should be approached. For instance, a PR political campaign could be far different to that of a product campaign.And many political campaigns have reputation management at their core, all the relationship building with journalists is to cement the reputation and credibility of the politician. A PR campaign for a business and its capabilities could be far different. This could take the route of glitzy events and highlighting how prosperous a company actually is. One way of placing a company on a pedestal is to show the world how much social responsibility it has. This could be in respect of its environmental concerns or its human rights record. In both cases these are serious issues that would need a PR to engage with all sorts of environmental groups and perhaps forge partnerships.

PR Campaig
PR Campaig

Public relations is often just associated with creating false images, but this is far from the truth. Public relations firms above all have to be considered truth tellers, and what news they tell is far from suspicion and can be relied on. Therefore, campaigns have to be carefully planned so that this public face is not eroded in any shape or form.