What are the Different Public Relations Tactics? – Part 1

Public relations firms often have to deal with issues such as reputation management and crisis management, but what do these terms mean?

They both fit in with PR strategies in terms of being part of the remit public relations firms are hired for. Public relations is all about telling stories, building trust, and establishing valuable relationships. And it is these skill sets that are ideal for handling issues such as crisis management. But which tactics and strategies should be employed in different public relations campaigns? Below are examples of public relations tactics and any number of them can be used in a campaign.

Press Releases

One of the bread and butter tools of any public relations campaign are press releases. They are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting a message out in the public domain. And if you consider how many companies across the world are trying to tighten their expenditure budgets, then press releases are one of the best outreach tools. When your message is placed in worthy publications, magazines, and authoritative websites it is treated as trustworthy, and to build trust among the target audience is the key.


A major goal of any PR campaign is to build relationships, it takes time to earn trust and providing opportunities for your audience and your client to meet is a key tactic. Holding events is a great way of doing this, they can be major conferences or social fundraisers for a good cause. The event does not have to directly represent the client’s business, it can be distantly related but the people who attend the event are key. As long as relationships are being built that is the main issue, and good relations can always be utilized at a later date.


A good way of getting your message across to a new audience is by leveraging somebody else’s reputation. And that is where strategic partnerships come into play. By forging alliances with people who have similar messages to say strengthens your position in two ways. Firstly, it gives an immediate access to an audience that you never had, and secondly by associating with other reputable companies it enhances your own identity.


Keep Telling Your Story

Public relations rely heavily on partnerships forged with the media, a good PR company will constantly write letters to TV and newspaper editors outlining any new news of their client, changes in the industry, or market that may be of newsworthy interest. Your letters must be of use to the media outlet that you are targeting, otherwise they will just be put in the trash folder. It could be information on just about anything, as long as it relevant to your client and their business in some way or fashion.

Perhaps it could be in the nature of a leaked memo, to give the information a hot off the press, and scoop validity. Media love this sort of insider leak, as it puts their newscasts ahead of the competition.