Iconic Brand Logos and What to Learn from Them

Without even thinking about it you can instantly recognise the world’s biggest brands at just a glance. Whether it is their logo, mascot or even just the typeface they use on their products, the most successful companies have used un unending series of tactics to get us to remember their brand.

Branding Ideas from The World’s Biggest Companies

Of course, they also have the marketing budget to put their logo in places smaller companies just can’t afford like on huge billboards, in films, on sports jerseys and in premium TV spots. But good marketing starts with a recognisable brand, one that is instantly associated back to the company and one that can be picked out from the thousands our eyes are glancing over every day. Looking at some of the most famous brands can give great insight into what you should do when designing your own.


The soft drink giant is everywhere, it’s almost unimaginable to go into anywhere that sells beverages and not expect to see their vibrant red bottles and cans sitting in the refrigerators. Coke are one of the most aggressive brands out there but at the heart of their marketing are some very simple ideas. Firstly, the Coca-Cola writing is unique, its trademark ‘ribbon’ is easily noticeable and makes the name very distinctive. Secondly, its use of white on bright red makes it stand out from the crowd, pushing its way into your sightline at all times.


Now capable of buying up some of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, Disney began with simple beginnings. Once again, their type is now easily associated with the brand, their fanciful writing giving an impression of the company itself. However they also have the addition of a mascot namely Mickey Mouse who comes in several forms but can be whittle down to 3 simple circles. This allows Disney to make their presence known with the slightest touch. They also make sure to put their name above anything associated with the company to increase their reach.


Originally McDonalds Hamburgers, this fast food behemoth is mostly recognised simply by its golden arches that simply show the ‘M’ of their name. This bright yellow simple symbol can now replace any longer more complex company stamp they need; this is all thanks to clever marketing in the restaurant’s early days. Now people looking for something quick to eat don’t look for the word McDonalds, they simply look for the arches, a simple, single colour letter.


The technology company that has slowly taken the lead in popular culture is widely known for its marketing schemes, but it all starts with the logo. Once multicoloured, the silhouette logo is now simple, clean and white. This not only makes it easier to remember but implies the aesthetic of the company’s products. By having an actual real-life object as their symbol, there is absolutely no dispute over who is behind it, even a child would recognise the once bitten fruit as “Apple”. If you can incorporate this into your own brand it is a great shortcut, but more than anything simplicity and a limited colour palette goes a long way for brand recognition.