How to Build Customer Loyalty For Your Business

Building customer loyalty in your business is extremely important because it leads to more business. Customers should always be at the heart of any business, whereas keeping existing customers happy should be just as important as bringing in new customers. When you build up loyal customers, they will spend more money with you by purchasing your goods and using your services repeatedly. Your loyal customers are more likely to try out your new products and services, while also referring you to their friends and family members. Loyal customers are invaluable to any business and it is vital that you build up customer loyalty if you want to succeed because loyal customers will spend more money over time. So, exactly how do you build customer loyalty for your business? This article will discuss that.

Be active on social media

Nowadays, everyone is using social media. Decades ago, if you wanted to increase brand awareness, you’d pay for billboard space, advertise on the radio, or run a newspaper ad. Well, times have greatly changed. Today, if you run a business and you’re not active on social media, you more than likely will fail. In order for a business to succeed, it needs to have customers or consumers. How do you get customers and consumers? By staying in front of their faces. Today, it’s unbelievably easy to market your business to total strangers with the help of social media. If you are constantly updating your business page, interacting with customers and potentials, then those people are more likely to spend money with you. Engaging with your customer base on social media is extremely important because it is a way to make their experience personal and it also builds up their trust with you. When people trust you, they spend money with you.

Social media
Being active on social media is crucial for succeeding in business

Offer perks and rewards

Running promotions and offering rewards in your business not only increases brand awareness, but it builds sales and profits, while increasing customer loyalty. Promotions will also help your company to introduce future products easily in an oversaturated market. The more that you offer promotions, the more customers will learn about you and your brand and become very interested in your products and/or services. Promotion can be done in various forms, such as offering free samples, rewards, discounts, giveaways, etc. Many huge companies run promotions everyday and in return, they not only keep their existing customers happy and purchasing more, but they reel in new customers. This tactic works for any brand or business, no matter what industry you’re in. For example, HelloFresh, an up and coming meal kit delivery service, offers new customers $40 off of their first box once you sign up, and they offer existing customers a percentage off every box simply for referring friends and family. This way, new customers are excited to try since they get a discount and existing customers are rewarded for recommending their services, and HelloFresh profits, so it’s a win-win for everyone! Another great example of offering promotions and rewards is the very popular online casino, Pokerstarscasino. This casino offers its new players who are just signing up a welcome offer, where they will match your first three deposits of up to $1,000. They also run cash giveaways very often to keep their loyal players happy and incentivised. This is a great way to increase brand awareness, give back to your customer base, and also build up customer loyalty, so that they will continue wanting to spend their money with you.

Take your customers’ advice

If the customers is to be at the heart of any business, you’ve got to listen to them.  If you want to know what it is that your customers want, it’s simple, just ask them. Ask them what it is that they want to see from you or your business. Ask for their advice, what products or services they’d like to see you offer next, and how they feel about your prices. Then once you have the feedback, deliver. Of course, you’re only going to do what is in the best interest of your business, but take what your customers are saying to you and try your best to meet somewhere in the middle. If the customer is always right and you’ve made them feel important by listening to their voice, then they will be loyal for life.

Excellent customer service

Having excellent customer service should always be your number one goal when running a business. If the customer is happy, they are going to look forward to buying more of your products and services and tell the world about you. The only way to keep customers happy is by providing them with invaluable customer service. Make sure that their needs are taken care of. If they’ve got a problem, address it. If a product isn’t working, exchange it. If they need an extended payment arrangement, work with them. Whatever you can do to keep an existing customer happy, do it because they are worth more money in the long run. Also, it is very important to have exceptional customer services skills when speaking with potential customers as well. Be very attentive, answer all of their questions, follow up, and let them know that they matter. All it takes is a great first impression to make or break a long term relationship with a customer and that starts with customer service.

Customer service
Great customer service = happy customers

In conclusion

These are just a few of the things that your brand or business needs to focus on to build up customer loyalty. A loyal customer base is crucial to the livelihood of any business and shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly. Investing time and energy into building up customer loyalty should be a vital component of any business’ marketing tactics.