Famous PR Companies for Celebrities

Public relations companies have in recent times grown in importance as result of the rise of social media marketing. Unlike advertising agencies, the roles of public relations companies include; promotion of their clients (companies or individuals) editorial reportage.

It’s no surprise that celebrities today seek for the services of PR companies to ensure continued success by helping their clients remain relevant to their respective audience. The following are some of the renowned public relation companies around the globe.

Slate Media

This multi-channel media and public relations company aim at connecting advertisers and its audience through intelligently delivering content. It includes working in close corporation with both national and regional advertisements along with advertising agencies. Through this cooperation, the company ensures the targeting of new customers remains affordable, highly targeted and measurable.

Slate Media founders Stephen Huvane and Simon Halls boast an endless list of celebrity clients including Johnny Depp, Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Gosling, Nathan Lane, Jude Law, Tom Ford, Ryan Murphy, Kirsten Dunst, Channing Tatum, France McDormand among many others.

Furthermore, the company partners with well-known publicist Robin Baum whose clientele include the cream de la crème of celebrity circles such as Naomi Watts, Jared Leto, Benicio Del Toro, Chris Hemsworth and Dakota Fanning just to mention a few. Also, Slate Media partner with Ina Treciokas who brags of working with Eddie Izzard, Jon Favreau, George Lopez and Owen Wilson among others.

42 West

The company’s name betrays its location at Manhattan’s 42nd Street in New York. 42 West offer services in digital marketing, targeted marketing and entertainment in a style that brings out the team’s publicity prowess and tactical communications.

This firm stands out as the most independently-owned PR entity in the entertainment circles, with the firm’s public relations experts has drawn up and implemented marketing strategies for numerous movies and television shows. Amanda Lundberg co-leads the firm’s Entertainment Marketing Division which boasts of having worked with A-list personalities, such as Tom Cruise, Paul Feig, Bobby & Peter Farrelly and Kelly Ripa.

Meredith O’Sullivan, head of the West Coast Talent Department has brought in a host of celebrities to the fold like; Ryan Reynolds, David Spade, Will Smith, Scott Caan, Rosario Dawson, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Rachel McAdams and Reese Witherspoon.

ID PR Company

ID was founded back in 1993 by Kelly Bush and started off with very few clients. However, after years of persistence and hard work this firm currently stands among the world’s leading public relation agencies. On the company’s client list are actors, musicians, brands, and filmmakers, as well as technology and production companies. Among the celebrated personalities to have worked with ID include Drake, Ben Stiller, Christopher Nolan, Alicia Keys, Diane Lane, Javier Bardem, John Malkovich, Ellen Page and Tobey Maguire.

The company uses innovative, clear and concise strategies to get across its message to the public. Furthermore, ID engages specialized teams of communication strategists, enabling the firm to attain astounding rewards from their campaigns.

All of these companies are really well known for their excellent work.