Dodging Marketing Mistakes

If you are new to business PR may seem like something very minor you can tackle when it comes to shipping your product, this however is wrong. It doesn’t matter if you have a solo podcast or the cure for cancer, without a good PR strategy and even then, without executing it just right nobody is going to come aboard. This happens time and time again on a daily basis, but you wouldn’t know because the companies that fail here are forgotten forever. What can hit you even harder is if you have an established brand, pushing your newest product can be just as tough as your first try and if you make some slip ups the outcry can clearly damage your reputation. Here are 4 things you need to keep in mind if you ant your launch to go swimmingly.

Be Original

This is not just a great marketing essential but one that really makes a huge difference especially in the infancy of a new company. The way you appear, the way you interact with consumers and your companies voice come together to form your appearance. If you take your design aesthetics and tone straight from the pages of someone else, its likely consumers wont recognise the difference and instead you will be lining the pockets of the established brand they mistook you for. Use humour, unconventional design and unique engagements to break away from the norm and clearly highlight yourself as ‘that’ company.

Red Team

This is something that not enough people do. A Red Team is essentially a purposefully antagonist editing group, they come in and pull apart your work in order to highlight potential issues that end users may have with your marketing or even your product. It may seem a little extreme and can be stressful but knowing the issues before launch is much better than trying to patch things up afterwards. You can hire Red Teams who do this for a living or you can do this internally just make sure you don’t hold back. As the old adage goes “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

Beware of Stereotypes & Sensitivities

If you Red Team efficiently this shouldn’t be an issue, but it can happen and when it does its bad. Take last years Heineken ad as an example. Here the well known alcohol brand showed their product passing by 3 black people before arriving in the hands of someone with pale skin, as if that punch wasn’t hard enough the tagline on screen salted the wound by declaring ‘Sometimes lighter is better’. Clearly the racial connotations here are offensive to many, but this isn’t what the brand intended. If you have a diverse team who are eager to speak up, things like this shouldn’t happen, but its worth using test groups even after Red Teaming just to be sure. At the end of the day you want your product to blow up for the right reasons not because your ad or poster is deemed to be bigoted.