5 Ways Social Media Helps Your Brand

Social Media has shaken up the way we interact with our friends and loved ones ever since it became popular. Gone a re the days when people would meet face to face and talk about topics that interested them, nowadays we post videos and articles straight into the social stratosphere for all to see.

This hasn’t just changed casual friendships though, corporations have taken to social media in a big way. Brands both big and small can utilise this new web of information to promote products and capture new audiences. It works for fast food chains, authors, tech startups and (though it may currently be counter-productive) even the US President. So why is social media useful for your brand?

Reveal Your Personality

Many big names like actors or musicians use these outlets as ways to show their fans what they are doing in the down time between being the superstar they are recognised as. This level of humanism works great for celebrities who often need to come back to earth to be relatable, but what if you are already a humble every day human? In this case you can show your interests, create polls and show your particular brand of humour, all of which will engage people to your brand or you as a person.

Get in Touch with Fans

Connecting instantly with such a huge audience is something that was previously impossible. Thanks to social media you can talk to people all around the globe without having to catch a single plane. People interested in your brand can feel free to contact you about any issue or question and take some delight in hearing back from you. If you make an effort to reply to as many people as you can the perspective of your brand will quickly become more and more positive.

Stay on Topic

With issues constantly flooding into feeds everywhere people want to have their say. This can be useful to you in many ways, you can show your allegiance with particular parties or campaign against an injustice in a way that will only help your brand image. Beware however that there is always another side of the argument so if you want to play it safe you can simply comment neutrally on current trends to keep your brand relevant.

Easily Push Content

Acquiring followers here can be tricky, but if you follow the tips above you will surely have at least a base of people who know you and your brand. From here social media allows you to share anything you like with these people, promote your next product, notify them of updates or simply ask them to help promote your product, you may be surprised at the reaction. As you build a follower base you can easily quantify the spread of your content, in numbers that other companies, also interested in your brand will also be eager to investigate.


You aren’t alone out there, which is something that social media makes very obvious. Whether you need customers, beta testers or experts to drop some advice on you, they are all present in the social media climate. Here you can find groups of like-minded folk with a similar mission or contact inspiring brand leaders. Networking has never been easier than today so why not go all in and start your social media profile now.